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We are super excited to let you know about a unique new Breed Association for miniature and mid-sized goats. Australian Goat Breeders Inc – founded by a group of dedicated show studs from across South-Eastern Australia as a place for premium breeders to record animal pedigrees, and to participate in shows and learning events.

In the past 10 years the miniature goat industry in Australia has grown exponentially. The two original miniature goat Associations now have around 300 members each, and the last multi-breed club formed in 2014 also has an established membership.

Many studs are now operating as agricultural enterprises and have tens of thousands of dollars invested in their stock. This is a real shift away from the original pet breeders and hobby farmers. To this end we wanted a group that stood for these studs and these businesses, across multiple breeds - AGB Inc.

A place where studs with an agri-business could continue to improve market assurance of whole-herd and DNA testing. Where buyers know every Breeder listed on our website is actively breeding, striving for herd improvement and best practice. Where all members are actively working toward purebred status in their chosen breed. A group where meetings are open, and all members are heard. A collaborative club drawing on the knowledge of some of Australia’s most experienced and awarded breeders.

We have no plans to be a big Association. Rather we aspire to remain a co-operative for like-minded, serious breeders working together to show and advance our breeds in a professional environment.

Find out more about our breeders and the breeds we represent at


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